WordPress CMS

WordPress is an open-source web publishing platform...

wordpressWordPress is an open-source web publishing platform, which until recently has predominantly been used to create blogs.Recent development releases however have seen it evolve into a site-wide content management system which can provide many of the standard functions associated with more advanced systems.

Some of the most noteworthy blogs found on the web such as Sony Playstation, The New York Times and CNN use WordPress to convey their message to the world.

Although it is true that it does weblogs well, in reality WordPress is an excellent choice of CMS for managing a fully fledged business site.  In fact natively it has great SEO performance when correctly configured and a whole host of useful tools for both administrators and users.

It allows you to easily edit the navigation elements, categories, pages and sub-pages of your corporate website and offers very useful administrative tools together with practical design features that make it flexible and easy to develop and work with.

The blog style of content presentation which WordPress lends itself to enables the provision of fresh content for potential customers to find in search engines. Using a WordPress CMS to develop your corporate site irrespective of whether or not you choose to take a traditional blog approach, demonstrates that your company is passionate about what it does and allows your site visitors to see that real people are backing the business.

Publishing thoughts in a weblog and will not only help your business win new customers but also help provide a clear competitive edge in your industry of expertise.

It is a particularly attractive solution for small and medium sized businesses as it allows website editing to provide up to date presentation of content without any required knowledge of HTML. Our clients using WordPress state it’s ease of use as a great benefit. Of course we are always at hand to assist them when they need something implemented on their site which is beyond their knowledge and web expertise.

If you are considering which CMS to choose for your new site, why not contact us to arrange a remote access demo.